Who is Dizzy?

I'm Dizzywick, a mage on Emerald Dream (US) in the guild Violent Apathy, part of The Geekhole gaming community. I've been playing World of Warcraft off-and-on since 2006, and even in those days before we had transmogrification most of my bank slots were taken up by a formidable dress and weapon collection. Things have only gotten worse since! This blog was started mainly to share all my transmog ideas and also in anticipation of all the new gear we're going to see in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion. It's going to be fun!

An explanation on the post categories:

Heirloom Coverup: I try to keep these sets for level 30 and under so they are available to transmog your boring heirloom gear into something pretty!

Weekly Wears: I change my personal transmog set almost every week and this is where I show it off! Transmogging doesn't always have to be tier sets but sometimes it can be difficult to find pieces outside of their designed set that go together, so I try to give you a little inspiration every Tuesday with my own outfits.

Sexy Sunday: Sex sells, right? These posts will feature everything from sexy to skimpy and maybe even a little scantily clad. I don't only feature the ladies; sometimes men like to show a little skin too!

The Gnome Collection: There aren't many transmog sets that look good on gnomes out there, so this is the a series of outfits designed specially for their stubby little bodies!

Requests: This is a set which was requested by someone. If you would like to make one of your own, head on over to the Requests page!

Submissions: A reader submission! If you'd like to share your own awesome transmog set, details are over on the Submissions page. Even if you're wearing a set I've posted here on my blog, I'd love to see a screenshot of it! Who knows, you could be featured in a post one day...