Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Transmogolympics logo from Amateur Azerothian
So, I have entered the Transmogolympics. The London 2012 Summer Olympics are starting up at the end of July, so in honor of the event JD from Amateur Azerothian has come up with another contest for us! This sounded like a lot of fun, and me being the transmog-crazed lunatic that I am, entering was a no-brainer. Each contestant is required to come up with ten transmog sets, one for each of the 'events' in the Transmogolympics:
    • Flagbearer - Build an outfit for your randomly assigned faction using their tabard. This is for appearance only; Flagbearer sets do not award a medal.
    • Archery – Build an outfit around your favourite bow.
    • Cycling – Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper. It must be either Leather or Mail.
    • Discus – Build an outfit around one of the shield skins seen here
    • Equestrian – Build an outfit to compliment one of the horse mounts in the game. (Faction limitations apply, so no Orcs on a Stormwind pony)
    • Fencing – Time for some swordplay. Build your best outfit around the 1h sword of your choice.
    • Javelin – Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice.
    • Hammer Throw – Build an outfit around your favourite two-handed hammer.
    • Wrestling – We’re going to deviate from olympic wrestling and go to the sports entertainment aspect instead. Using one of the “championship” belts, design your own Azerothian pro wrestler. Think of the oversized belts, such as the Firemend Cinch seen here.
    • Freestyle – Build your own NPC. Could be an innkeeper, could be the Green Orc Lantern. Doesn’t matter.

    We are not to show off our sets until after the Transmogolympics are over, but since the flag bearer event does not reward a medal we are allowed to post them on our blogs for everyone to see. My assigned faction was the Aldor, which is great because I really like purple.

    Click here for 3D view!
    Armor Type: Plate
    Restrictions: None

    Shoulder: Pauldrons of Tempered Will
    Chest: Protectorate Breastplate
    Hands: Gauntlets of the Golden Thorn
    Waist: Girdle of Many Blessings
    Legs: Magistrate's Greaves
    Feet: Pillarfoot Greaves
    Tabard: Aldor Tabard

    Main-hand: Hammer of Grief

    I decided to make purple more of an accent colour because I really did not want my poor, little flag bearer to end up looking like a giant grape. The icon on the tabard is a lovely bronze, so I focused on that instead. I also never noticed that mace until now, but it's pretty awesome. It was the perfect fit!

    Good luck to my fellow Transmogolympians!


    1. That looks great. Well done and I really like the bronze accents throughout :)

      1. Thank you! You can't really see it with the tabard on, but the chest piece and legs also have little bits of purple on them. :)