Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mr. Manly Man

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Head: Eye of Rend
Shoulder: Spaulders of the Monstrosity
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Hands: Waterworn Handguards
Waist: Replica Wildheart Belt
Legs: Bladeshadow Leggings
Feet: Titan-Forged Boots of Triumph

Weapons: Blood Weeper / Devotion

That's right, Sexy Sunday is for men too! This set works well for both male and female characters, though I think I like it better on males. Since this set is wearable by both druids and rogues, there is a second option for the weapons if you have a staff equipped.

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