Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WoW Factor Comes to Emerald Dream

The Violent Apathy Fashion Friends
The Violent Apathy Fashion Friends

I made a post last week mentioning the WoW Factor coming to my server, Emerald Dream. The day finally came this past Friday and it was a toooon of fun! There is already a very nice write-up on the event over on WoW Roleplay Gear, which you should definitely read. If you have the means, I would highly recommend you try sponsoring your own WoW Factor show on your server. It was amazing to see so many people come out for the show and have so many others donate gold to keep it going longer! A big thanks to the judges--Elvine, Ironyca, Noelani and guest Caylena--that came to the server and to all my guild members that donated gold so Violent Apathy could sponsor the event!

Click here for 3D view!
Since it is still Tuesday, to the left you will see the transmog set I wore to the WoW Factor. Since my guild was sponsoring the event I wasn't going to enter, but vanity got the better of me and I entered the final round to see what would happen. This outfit won me 10k! If you've looked back far enough in my archive to see my first post you may recognize this set, only this time with a few minor changes.

Chest: Arcane Robe
Feet: Regal Boots

Main-hand: Jaded Crystal Dagger
Off-hand: Mystic Tome

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