Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Electric Funeral Pyre

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Cloth
Restriction: Mage only

Shoulder: Heroes' Frostfire Shoulderpads
Chest: Funeral Pyre Vestment
Wrists: Gossamer Bracers
Hands: Gossamer Gloves
Waist: Gossamer Belt
Feet: Gossamer Boots

Main-hand: Blade of Serration
Off-hand: Fire Runed Grimoire

At first, I hated these shoulders and was going to get rid of them. You don't really see a whole lot of orange and blue cloth armor, but it provided an interesting challenge to match something that didn't include any other tier 7 pieces. I do not want to have to go back into Naxxramas unless absolutely necessary!

Still looking for a better off-hand item...

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