Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Armor Type: Plate
Restrictions: None

Head: Dragonsteel Faceplate
Shoulder: Pauldrons of Unnatural Death
Back: Peerless Cloak
Chest: Tempered Saronite Breastplate
Hands: Crude Discolored Battlegrips
Waist: Tempered Saronite Belt
Legs: Tempered Saronite Legplates
Feet: Spiked Titansteel Treads

Main-hand: Runed Soulblade

This week's request comes from one of my favorite podcasters and all around cool guy, Ceraphus! There are many links associated with Ceraphus since he's pretty busy around the internet; there's a podcast, a couple of blogs and a guild that's been around since the original WoW beta. Phew!

If you are not Ceraphus or a death knight but still want to replicate this set, the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare has the same model as the Runed Soulblade, and is a rare drop from Lord Aurius Rivendare.

Happy hunting!

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