Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's a Warlock?

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Warlock only

Head: Hood of the Malefic
Shoulder: Mantle of the Corrupted
Back: Cindercloth Cloak
Chest: Vermillion Robes of the Dominant
Hands: Don Tayo's Inferno Mittens
Waist: Guardian's Dreadweave Belt
Feet: Felcloth Boots 
Shirt: Red Workman's Shirt

Weapon: Sulfur Stave

Another request, this time from @pantysnawad! The challenge this time: A set to go with the tier 6 warlock headpiece but does not require farming for other tier pieces. Although it was tempting to also use the tier 6 shoulders in this set, I settled on some off-tier epic shoulders from Naxxramas to take their place. The only farming this set requires is a little bit of Naxx 10 and 25 man. Most of the other items are craftable and all patterns are conveniently known by Mr. Pantys. How perfect is that?

The Corset Effect

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: Alliance only

Head: Ragefury Eyepatch
Shoulder: Underdweller's Spaulders
Chest: Knightbane Carapace
Hands: Lightfinger Handwraps
Waist: Firescar Sash
Legs: Leggings of the Broken Beast
Feet: Acidmaw Boots

Weapons: Wrathful Gladiator's Shanker

Ohh yeah baby, it's Sexy Sunday. This little lady loves long walks on the beach, provided that beach is in Strand of the Ancients and she gets to stab someone before it's time to go home.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Nexus Key to My Heart

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Armor type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Vishas' Hood
Shoulder: Burial Shawl / Duskwoven Amice
Back: Cloak of Revival
Chest: Robes of the Exalted
Hands: Mana-Etched Gloves
Waist: Elegant Temple Gardens' Girdle
Feet: Cindercloth Boots

Main-hand: The Nexus Key

It's been a while since we've had something gnome-friendly! This set was a request from another guildmate @lazervis. The requirement this time was something to go with the staff... and that was really tough! Those colours are so hard to match.

After four completely different sets, this is the one I thought looked best and was still easy enough to obtain. I think it's better without a headpiece, but Vishas' Hood matches pretty well with the rest of the set if you want something visible. I'm still not too happy with the gloves, but there is not much else with the right shade of blue so I figured these provided a nice variation!


Click here for 3D view!
Armor type: Cloth
Restrictions: Mages only

Shoulder: Pauldrons of the Aldor
Chest: Gossamer Robe
Wrists: Gossamer Bracers
Hands: Gossamer Gloves
Waist: Gossamer Belt
Feet: Gossamer Boots

Main-hand: Starshard Edge
Off-hand: Fire Runed Grimoire

The Gossamer set with a bit of a magely twist! There is another belt (Dawnspire Cord) that goes much better with this set, but I haven't had the chance to farm for it yet. One day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Arrowsong That Jane Likes

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Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: Hunters only

Head: Relentless Gladiator's Chain Helm
Shoulder: Heroes' Cryptstalker Spaulders
Chest: Heroes' Cryptstalker Tunic
Hands: Vicious Dragonscale Gloves
Waist: Spectral Rider's Girdle
Legs: Heroes Cryptstalker Legguards
Feet: Vicious Dragonscale Boots

Main-hand: Orca-Hunter's Harpoon
Ranged: Arrowsong

This outfit was a request from my friend Vahete. He wanted it to match the bow and I think the only requirement was a headpiece that didn't cover the entire face.

This is pretty much a mash-up of three different sets: Arena Season 7, Tier 7, and the poor man's pvp set. Normally I don't like using just tier set pieces like this, but they all had the right colours to go with the bow so I had to make an exception!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Femme Fatale

Armor Type: Plate
Restrictions: None

Shoulder: Saltstone Shoulder Pads
Chest: Warrior's Embrace
Hands: Darkrune Gauntlets
Waist: Enchanted Adamantite Belt
Legs: Enchanted Adamantite Leggings
Feet: Enchanted Adamantite Boots

2-Hand Sword: Blackblade of Shahram

Here is the first installment of a new weekly feature on my blog! every Sunday I will post some kind of skimpy, sexy transmog set. Not just for the ladies either! Sometimes men like to show a little skin too, you know.

This set has nothing to do with Britney Spears and everything to do with being a badass, sexy lady. The Blackblade of Shahram might take a lot of luck to obtain since it has a very low droprate, but it comes from UBRS so it'd be extremely easy to farm! It's an awesome weapon that would go with many transmog sets and has a pretty cool on-hit effect, so your effort wouldn't go to waste. Keep in mind this is coming from the person who farmed BRD for about three years for the Circle of Flame...

If you want an easier to find weapon, pretty much anything will go with this set. I tried to pick something that's sleek and a little feminine while also being deadly as hell, but it's really up to you. You can also use this set as an heirloom coverup once you hit level 70.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Some Kind of Druidy Thing...

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: Druids only

Shoulder: Furious Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders
Chest: Nordrassil Chestguard
Hands: Fungus-Born Gloves
Waist: Fireplume Girdle
Legs: Nordrassil Life-Kilt
Feet: Wild Leather Boots

Main-hand: Dreambinder

This set was requested by a friend and guildmate @neosar. He wanted something druidy and flashy to go with the staff, but as I have discovered, druidy and flashy is a hard combination to come by! I hope this satisfies!

I left the helm out since all of the helms I tried to match with this set look pretty silly on a worgen, but if you really insist on having a headpiece visible the normal version of the Deep Earth Helm has the right colour scheme. Everything else in this set should be easy to come by for any max level character. The chest and leg pieces come from SSC and TK armor tokens, but finding groups for tier 5 raids these days is a walk in the park! Walking in parks is something druids love doing anyway, right?

Wicked Mail

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Cleansed Pauldrons
Chest: Wicked Chain Chestpiece       
Wrists: Banded Bracers
Hands: Wicked Chain Gauntlets
Waist: Banded Girdle
Legs: Wicked Chain Legguards
Feet: Wicked Chain Boots

Main-hand: Viscous Hammer

All of these items, save for the shoulders, can be found on the AH. The shoulders come from a quest you get from the Wailing Caverns, so everything should be fairly easy to obtain unless you're poor.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aspiring Champion of the Horde

Click here to for 3D view!
Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: None

Head: Barbaric Iron helm
Shoulders: Abominable Shoulderguards (A) / (H) 
Chest: Ironspine's Ribcage
Wrists: Cavedwaller Bracers
Hands: Grubbis Paws
Waist: Bloodspattered Sash
Legs: Slayer's Pants
Feet: Slayer's Slippers
Tabard: Scout's Tabard (optional)

Weapon: Ravager

I suppose this is fitting for Horde since yesterday was for Alliance, but we all know the blue one was better.

Champion of the Horde

Click here to for 3D view!
Armor Type: Plates
Restrictions: Horde only

Head: Crown of Anasterian
Shoulders: Sunreaver Defender's Pauldrons
Back: Cloak of Subjugated Power
Chest: Breastplate of the White Knight
Hands: Hard Khorium Battlefists
Waist: Rickety Belt
Legs: Legplates of Feverish Dedication
Feet: Greaves of the Saronite Citadel
Tabard: Stone Guard's Herald

Main-hand: The Sun Eater
Off-hand:  Bastion of Resolve

Lok'tar ogar! This time it's warriors that catch a break. Many of the items are tier 9 lookalike, so if you are a warrior you may purchase these from a vendor instead.

As with the Champion of the Alliance set, any of the old level 60 PvP weapons and shields will go well with this set. However, if you lack the appropriate title to unlock the Replica High Warlord's gear, here are some alternative weapons to match whichever weapon type you currently have equipped:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aspiring Champion of the Alliance

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: None

Head: Sentry's Headdress
Shoulders: Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons (A) (H)
Chest: Chestpiece of Returning Strength
Wrists: Marshweaver's Wristguards (A) / (H)
Hands: Sentry's Gloves
Waist: Runescale Girdle
Legs: Agamaggan-Blessed Greaves
Feet: Renegade Boots
Tabard: Private's Tabard (optional)

Weapon: Thermaplugg's Left Arm

Very worthy of the Alliance. And if you're Horde... well, no one would blame you for wanting to dress like us.

Champion of the Alliance

Armor Type: Plate
Restrictions: Alliance Only

Head: Helm of the Faceless
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Cavalier
Back: Thoriumweave Cloak
Chest: Sunforged Breastplate
Hands: Topaz-Studded Battlegrips
Waist: Trueheart Girdle
Legs: Legplates of Failing Light
Feet: Boots of the Courageous
Tabard: Knight's Colors

Main-hand: Crusader's Glory
Off-hand: King's Bulwark

Better start liking Trial of the Crusader if you want this set. If you're a paladin, a lot of these items are just a tier 9 lookalike so you can buy them from the vendor with justice points. This set is even better if you have the 'Of the Alliance' or any of the old PvP titles!

There are a number of alternative weapons you can use depending on what you normally have equipped. All of the old Grand Marshal's weapons would be a good fit, but if you aren't able to buy the replica items to transmog, the following will do just fine:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leather Monk's Armor

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Haal'eshi Pauldrons
Chest: Shy Breastplate
Hands: Shardtooth Gloves
Waist: Excavator's Quarry Belt
Legs: Guardian Pants
Feet: Mud Stained Boots

Weapon: Monk's Staff/Loksey's Training Stick/Slavedriver's Cane

A friend asked me to come up with a leather set for monks. It was very hard! Once the expansion come out, this will probably be completely redone with all the new armor models, but for now this is what we have to work with. The staff will probably be the most difficult item to find since it's a BoE world drop and, due to the name and our impending panda infestation, will cost a fortune on the AH. The two (identical) alternative staves have the same model in different colours and come from easily farmed, low level instances.

Tirisfal Regalia et Alia

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Mage Only

Head: Cowl of Tirisfal
Shoulders: Mantle of Tirisfal
Chest: Robes of Tirisfal
Hands: Gloves of Tirisfal
Waist: Captain Sanders' Sash / Apothecary's Waistband
Feet: Infernoweave Boots

Main-hand: Starshard Edge
Off-hand: Fire Runed Grimoire

By far my favorite tier set in the game. It's so simple and so magely! I think it's the only armor set that actually makes me feel like if mages were real they'd actually wear this, or at least something similar. I don't think mages would wear football shoulders... but the rest of it is totally believeable! Check out that dagger too. I just got it this week, isn't it awesome!?

There is a belt that is made to go with this set, but I prefer the look of Captain Sanders' Sash instead. I also like the boots better, up close you can see they sort of look like red socks with sandals which is so nerdy and, again, exactly what a real mage would be likely to wear.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sentry's Armor

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: None

Head: Phalanx Headguard
Shoulders: Sentry's Shoulderguards
Chest: Sentry's Surcoat
Wrists: Sentry's Armsplints
Hands: Sentry's Gloves
Waist: Sentry's Sash
Legs: Sentry's Leggings
Feet: Sentry's Slippers

Weapon: Slayer's Battle Axe

The dangling bits of mail are what caught my eye on this set. There is a purple version of this set which is also very nice, but I like the silver one better!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red and Gold Mail

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Mail
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Battleforge Shoulderguards
Chest: Burnished Tunic
Hands: Glimmering Mail Gauntlets
Waist: Burnished Girdle
Legs: Glimmering Mail Legguards
Feet: Burnished Boots

Weapon: Bronze Battle Axe

Red is the best colour. There needs to be more red transmog sets, don't you think? This one is mostly gold, but whatever... It'll make you run a bit faster.

Enchanted Thorium

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Plate
Restrictions: None

Head: Glorious Headdress
Shoulders: Stormforged Shoulders
Chest: Cataclysmic Chestguard
Hands: Exalted Gauntlets
Waist: Girdle of the Immovable
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Feet: Exalted Sabatons

Weapons:  Bloodvenom Blade

I lo-o-o-ove this set. Black and gold is so sexy! All in all, an easy set to put together for any max level character. The hardest part would be the sword since it drops from Deathbringer Saurfang in 25-man ICC, but you have the option of switching that to a billion other weapons. Since there are several weapon types for plate-wearers to equip it's hard to coordinate all of them, but this sword is my favorite.

If you want a bit of a different look, the Stormforged Helm also looks very cool with this set!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Red and Brown Leather

Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Defiant Spire Shoulderguard
Chest: Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe (A) / (H)
Hands: Vigorous Handguards
Waist: Dokebi Cord
Legs: Basilisk Hide Pants
Feet: Bogwalker Boots (H)/Stable Boots

 Unfortunately, there isn't a nice pair of leather boots that matches this set so perfectly for Alliance. The alternative pair is available to both factions from a vendor in either Loch Modan or Silverpine Forest. I have to say, leather is my least favorite thing to transmog. I don't know why it's so difficult!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Leather

Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Head: Rifle Commander's Eyepatch (A) / Other Eye Patch (H)
Shoulders: Puncture-Binding Spaulder
Chest: Vest of Flowing Water
Wrists: Dusky Bracers
Hands: Dark Leather Gloves
Waist: Dark Leather Belt
Legs: Booty Bay Pantaloons
Feet: Boarpocalypse Boots (A) / Boarpocalypse Boots (H)

The alternative eyepatch for Horde characters isn't the same colour as the Alliance one, but it still goes with the rest of the set. A nice mix of BoE's, craftable items and quest rewards, this set shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Also, the boots have pretty much the best name ever.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Leather Harness

Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Cutthroat's Mantle
Chest: Feral Harness
Hands: Bard's Gloves
Waist: Bard's Belt
Legs: Saber Leggings
Feet: Bard's Boots

Ooh, very sexy! This one is definitely more suited for the ladies. All of the items except for the legs can be found as BoE world drops so I would imagine it's best to look on the AH first. The legs can be bought from various vendors as a limited stock item. Check out the Wowhead link to find out where you can buy yours!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Green Cloth

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Shoulders: Slime-Encrusted Pads
Chest: Conjurer's Robe
Hands: Heavy Woolen Gloves
Waist: Watcher's Cince
Feet: Linen Boots

Main-hand: Staff of the Blessed Seer

There are a couple robes with the same model and colour that you can get from quest rewards, but if you prefer to just go to the AH and spend the gold on it instead, the Conjurer's Robe is the way to go.


Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Mage Only

Head: Visha's Hood
Shoulders: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Silk Amice
Chest: Runecloth Robe
Hands: Rockwurm Hide Handwraps
Waist: Gossamer Belt
Feet: Saltarello Shoes

Main-Hand: Jaded Crystal Dagger
Off-Hand: Fire Runed Grimoire

This week I learned something: there are next to NO cool daggers available for transmogging! Maybe it's just me, but I find most of them boring as hell. Same with off-hands, but at least you hardly ever see those!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Gnome Engineer

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator
Shoulders: Feline Mantle
Chest: Blue Overalls
Hands: Evidence Collection Gloves (A)/Tangled Thread Gloves(H)
Waist: Seer's Belt
Feet: Nimbus Boots
Shirt: Yellow Lumberjack Shirt

Of course there would be one for the gnomes. I don't think this set needs any further explanation!

Dragon Slayer's Cloth

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Alliance Only

Head: Silk Headband
Shoulders: Azure Shoulders
Chest: Robe of the Dragon Slayer
Waist: Willow Belt
Feet: Soft-Soled Linen Boots

Main-Hand: Staff of the Blessed Seer

The robe comes from a questline in Bloodmyst isle, so it's a bit of a trek for non-Draenei. It's a pretty one though! If you have a female character model it appears as a sexy, sexy off the shoulder dress. Scandalous!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Robes of Antiquity

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Shadow Hood
Shoulders: Mantle of the Panther
Chest: Robes of Antiquity
Wrists: Dryad's Wrist Bindings
Hands: Adept's Gloves or Gloves of Meditation
Waist: Wizard's Belt
Feet: Soft-Soled Linen Boots

 A little bit of PvP is required to get the bracers, but if you can't find the Adept's Gloves and opted for the Gloves of Meditation instead you don't even need to worry about it. The bracers are a higher level than the rest, but I think they go really well with the rest of the set.

Robes of Arcana

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Azure Silk Hood
Shoulders: Durable Shoulders
Chest: Robes of Arcana
Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves
Waist: Dreamer's Belt
Feet: Linen Boots

Main-Hand: Rod of the Sleepwalker

Set number two! Most of these items are crafted, so you should have no trouble putting this together. It's great if you're leveling your tailoring too!

Robes of the Moccasin

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Staff - Alliance only

Head: Shadow Hood
Shoulders: Bloodmage Mantle
Chest: Robe of the Moccasin
Hands: Adept's Gloves or Gloves of Meditation
Waist: Wizard's Belt
Feet: Woolen Boots

Main-Hand: Chillwind Staff

I was asked by a friend to make some transmog sets out of the lowest level armor possible to cover up his heirloom gear. Here's the first one I came up with! The staff is from an Alliance-only quest, so members of the Horde will have to come up with some kind of substitute... Maybe Living Root? The un-mogged heirloom staff will also go with this set, so you could just leave it if you want!

High Tinker Mekkatorque, King of Gnomes

Click here for 3D view!
Armor Type: Plate
Restrictions: Alliance, Engineers Only

Head: Specialized Bio-Optic Killshades*
Shoulders: Templar Pauldrons/Mantle of the Horusath
Chest: Bulwark of the Ancient Kings
Wrists: Templar Bracers
Hands: Shattered Hand Gauntlets
Waist: Girdle of Many Blessings
Legs: Sentinel's Lamellar Legguards
Feet: Core Forged Greaves
Back: Cape of Gnomeregan
Tabard: Gnomeregan Tabard
Shirt: Rich Purple Silk Shirt

Main-hand: Argent Resolve
Off-hand: Force Reactive Disk

This set is HARD!! There's a lot of luck involved with finding all the pieces for this set, but well worth it in my opinion. Most of the items are exactly the same as what the real Mekkatorque you see standing outside of Gnomeregan is wearing; the gloves, belt, and chest piece are coordinated to the best of my abilities. Those three items are, as far as I can tell, not currently in the game or are not available in the right colours.

Since this set does have a tabard, the chest piece could be skipped entirely and kept as whatever you are already wearing, provided the arms are bare or purple so it matches the rest of the set. Same goes for the bracers, only the very top shows so you can switch those to any other set of bracers that remain invisible or have a gold bit at the top.

Necessity is the first cousin of invention!

*I didn't realise but the blue killshades are for paladins only! If you are a gnome you can use the Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades or a pair of Tankatronic Goggles which are similar to what an earlier version of Mekkatorque wore.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Armor Type: Leather
Restrictions: None

Head: Stained Shadowcraft Cap
Shoulders: Grand Shoulders
Chest: Tunic of Assassination
Shirt: Blue Martial Shirt
Wrists: Riplash Wristguards
Hands: Ravenholdt Gloves
Waist: Dark Leather Belt
Legs: Leggings of Assassination
Feet: Ravenholdt Boots

Sword: Hanzo Sword
Dagger: Stealthblade
Two-Handed Sword: Archaic Defender

Most of these items can be found from dungeons, world drops, or the auction house. If you are not in a guild that has the heirloom helms available, the Darkguard Face Mask offers the same model with very similar colours. You don't have to be a rogue to look like a ninja!


Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
Shoulders: Resilient Mantle
Shirt: Yellow Lumberjack Shirt
Chest: Blue Overalls
Wrist: Fireheart Bracers
Hands: Shimmering Gloves
Waist: Fireheart Girdle
Feet: Harvester Boots

Weapon: The Shoveler
Off-Hand: Dreamseeker Dandelion

As far as I know shovels are able to be transmogged and so is this flower. If you're lucky enough to find a Dreamseeker Dandelion, that is. I'm fairly certain this little flower is a unique model so it would go for a fortune on the AH! There are several easier to obtain shovels you can view on Wowhead, but the one listed here is my favorite just because of the name, hah.

Illusionist's Attire

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Mages only

Head: Enigma Circlet
Shoulders: Iceshear Mantle
Chest: Zandalar Illusionist's Robe
Hands: Rockwurm Hide Handwraps
Waist: Belt of Arcane Storms
Feet: Gossamer Boots

Weapon: Charmed Cierge

Here's a new feature on Dizzy's Closet! Every week I'm going to showcase what transmog set I wore (since it changes at least once a week) just to give you a little inspiration. These are all pieces I've picked up over time, but their colours are all similar or work well together. You don't have to use tier sets to look awesome!

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: None

Head: Chief Architect's Monocle
Shoulders: Journeyman's Epaulets
Chest: Watcher's Jerkin
Shirt: Tuxedo Shirt
Hands: Gloves of Nurture (A)/Sermon-Halter Gloves (H)
Waist: Gossamer Belt
Legs: Ivycloth Pants
Feet: Boots of Duress

If only you could wear a top hat at the same time! Another easy one to put together, the only thing that might cause you some trouble is farming for the monocle if you're unlucky with item drops. Other than that, you'll be ready to join the ranks of Stormwind's well-to-do in no time!