Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gnome Collection: Gnomeregan Infantry

Armor Type: Cloth
Restrictions: Engineers only

Head: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme
Shoulders: Almost New Shoulderpads
Chest: Sage's Cloth
Wrists: Sage's Bracers
Hands: Sage's Gloves
Waist: Sage's Sash
Legs: Sage's Pants
Feet: Sage's Boots

Weapon: Gnomeregan Mindslicer
Off-Hand: Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler

So there aren't many transmog sets that look good on gnomes out there, so this is the first in a series of outfits designed specially for their stubby little bodies! This particular set is made to look like the gnome guards you see outside Gnomeregan.

Alternative items for those that can't use shields or aren't engineers:

Head: Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles or Amethyst Beholder Eye
Off-Hand: Kobold Candle


  1. I found Tough Leather Shoulderpads on the island next to Booty Bay. It seemed to be an exact match.